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Green Threads

Carefully hand-crafted and woven, all of these products are made from recycled materials that all contribute to cleaning the environment. The beauty of each pattern is unique, and traditional to Indian tribes all over the country.

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Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi

Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi

Rupjyoti, the founder of Village Weaves, was born in Kazaranga, in the East of India.


Her mother, grandmother and all other women in her family were uneducated, depending entirely on men to survive. To Rupjyoti, this seemed wrong, so she came up with the idea of teaching her craft to the girls around her. As they learnt to weave and stitch their own clothes, they could also sell the products to support themselves and their families. Her workshops are all very successful in the area, and tourists can also participate in learning the craft. Rupjyoti is also very passionate about nature, and specifically in conserving it from rubbish waste, so she uses things such as recycled plastic bags in her creations. As well as keeping the authenticity of the organization, one of her main goals is to make it sustainable.


Village Weaves is a non-profit organisation whose vision is to give all women in the area a chance to access materials that helps them create their art. The organisation strives to inspire women of the village to make a club or formal group and improve their skills in weaving. The group provides the women with skills consisting of weaving, cooking, handicrafts. The products are sold and all profits are reinvested into the development of the organisation. They do this because the aim for Rupjyoti when she made this business was to provide the village with an opportunity to be trained in traditional Assamese crafts.