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Satish Joshhi

Satish Joshhi is an artisan from the village Karade near Mumbai. He sells his beautiful pottery in exhibitions and markets across India. In addition to his craft, Satish created an NGO that promotes women empowerment and cultural preservation through pottery workshops and classes.

Originally from Mumbai, he decided to move to the village to follow his passion for pottery. He went back to his ancestral home to support the community that had once supported his family and that he felt he had drifted away from. The opportunity it gave him to work in what he loved inspired him to create his NGO.


Living in the village he realized that women rarely work outside of home and he decided to provide them with a gateway to use their handy skills in his craft. He has trained various men and women to create the beautiful pottery he has invested his life into.


He believes the beauty of his work is not behind the final product but of the creation. Each of his products are hand made in his studio, so each piece has its own beauty and is unique from the next.